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Emciplus was established by Mr.Mahen Kumar, who has more than 20 years’ experience in the emc field, in the year 2010 with a vision to provide the best emi-emc solutions to the various industry segments, test labs, education and defense sector.In this endeavor emciplus is representing world renowned companies in India for emi-emc testing which includes Frankonia Group-Germany, EMC Partner – Switzerland, AFJ Instruments – Italy etc.

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Frankonia Group - Germany

Frankonia Group - Germany is a ISO 9001 certified company located in Germany and they provide Anechoic chambers, related accessories and emc test systems.

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EMC Partner - Switzerland

EMC Partner - Switzerland is a manufacturer of immunity testers to meet various IEC/EN standards for esd/eft/surge/pulse magnetic/harmonics & flicker.

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AFJ Instruments - Italy

AFJ Instruments - Italy is a manufacturer for FFT-Based EMI Receivers, Click Analysers, LISN, Van Veen Loop Antenna, Van Der Hoofden Test Head and measuring.

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